What is Conversion rate optimization (CRO) and how can you apply it to your website?

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Conversion rate optimization ("CRO") is a marketing technique that helps you generate more sales and leads by optimizing your website's content in order to increase the number of people who complete an action.

You can implement CRO on your own website or have it done for you by either an external agency or hiring someone full or part-time.

A conversion occurs when someone takes an action that benefits the business, like joining an email list, filling out an enquiry form, clicking on an ad, or completing a sale.

The goal of CRO is to increase the proportion of these conversions from any given amount of website visitors.  So, if, for example, the overall conversion rate of your ecommerce website is 2% (i.e. 2% of all visitors turn into customers), then your CRO efforts aim to increase that percentage rate.

How Conversion Rate Optimization Works and Why It's Useful

Conversion rate optimization often utilizes A/B testing (sometimes called 'split testing') and conversion funnel analysis to allow you to test different variations of your website layout and content to find the most effective version.

Wrapping Up

There are many strategies for marketing your business.  Conversion rate optimization is one of the best strategies, because it can be a low-cost way to get maximum results without spending any more on actual marketing.