Add testimonials to your landing page and checkout process to boost conversions

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Add testimonials to your landing page and checkout process to boost conversions Image

Using testimonials on your landing page can help increase conversion rates! We all need convincing at times, and this is one way to help convince potential customers

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Sometimes we all need a bit of convincing when it comes to buying a product or service. Especially an online business, where there's no tangible evidence of how good the products are until they're in your hands. 

It's easy for the business owner to tell you how good their products or services are. That's their job, right? To convince you. But it's human nature to be sceptical sometimes - and want some extra clarification as to whether this product is a) worth your money and b) as good as the owner claims it to be.

If you're the business owner yourself, then it's likely that visitors to your site and potential customers will feel that way about you. As much as we don't want to think about our client base second guessing our products and services, it's important that we do address it.

Customers like to read reviews and real-life stories from other people who have bought and experienced the products or services they're going to buy. 

And as a business owner, there's one very simple way to work around this to help gain your visitor's trust even more - and convince them even further that buying your products or services is the right thing for them to do.

And if you're not adding testimonials to your landing page, then you're definitely missing a trick.

It's a simple hack that won't take you very long at all. But, you're going to want to add 3 or so testimonials as this will help increase conversion rates and put those potential customers at ease.

However you don't want to just go adding anything to your landing page. A testimonial that says, this product was great, is hardly the most helpful statement to read. Why was it great? What's great about it? What was your reason for purchasing it?

Your testimonials are going to want to be diverse and cover different USP's of your business and products. Perhaps include different testimonials that cover the delivery process, the quality of the item or the customer service. 

And ideally, testimonials should be from recognizable brands, businesses or people.

by Andy Sep 2022

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