Target Facebook Group Members Even Though You Are Not Admin or Owner of the Group

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Target Facebook Group Members Even Though You Are Not Admin or Owner of the Group Image

If you want to target a wider audience through Facebook without using the ads manager, you can reach members of groups that you're NOT the admin or owner of!

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Facebook is a great tool for reaching a wider audience for your business, to help you generate more leads, make more sales and get more eyes on your products or services. And there's a handy little tactic that you need to know, which will enable you to target Facebook group members of groups where you're NOT the admin or the owner of the specific group.

For this tactic to work, you're going to need a business Facebook page which, if you're already a business, then you should already have. Then you're going to want to find a group to join. The group should be relevant to your business - you don't want to be joining a car group if you work in the beauty industry.

Using your Facebook business page, you're then going to make a short video that again, is relevant to both you and the group. This might be a short video introducing yourself and what you do, a handy tip to share or a success story. Something that will draw members to the video and get them interested.

Then from your personal account (you know, the one you use to share photos of your dog), you're going to want to share that video you've made into the group. You can easily do this by going to the video, hitting share and then share in group.

Give it a little while for people to get around to watching and engaging with your video within that group then after a week or so, you can begin creating a custom audience in Ads Manager targeting anyone who has interacted with your post. You might want to target those who liked or commented on the video or perhaps watching at least 3 seconds.

Now you know you have their attention, you can begin to target them with relevant ads. And that's how to use this handy tactic for targeting members of a group where you're not the admin or the owner. You can now share ads which promote your business, services or offerings and you know you're targeting people who are already interested in what you have to say.

by Andy Aug 2022

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