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Customers want to know there's a human behind the business. Sell your products in story form, to make more sales

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Humans like to build connections with other humans. When we're faced with sales or marketing, knowing that we're purchasing from a real human being with a story and emotions is much more likely to make us commit to a purchase - than feeling like we're being sold to by a robot.

This is an excellent way to help your conversion rate and ultimately make more sales. It requires you to add stories, emotions and feelings into your sales tactics, rather than just listing off facts and figures about your brand, products or services.

Customers can find out the facts and figures from the product or service description, but what they really want to know is HOW this product or service can help them and how it's helped other people.

Use this to your advantage when promoting your products by introducing them and talking about them in a story form. There are plenty of ways to do this, from case studies of existing customers, to explaining where the idea for a specific product came from and the benefit you've found from using it, to a personal anecdote.

Perhaps there's a personal reason why you created this product in the first place? Maybe it's something you struggled with in the past and couldn't find anything to help you, so you decided to make the product yourself.

Maybe you got the inspiration from a friend or family member who was struggling and you wanted to create something to help other people struggling with the same thing?

This method of selling humanizes a transaction between the business and the customer, therefore ensuring the customer is more likely to buy because of the human-to-human connection. 

There are plenty of ways you can promote your products in this way. You might want to publish social posts and explain where the idea came from, or the personal story behind it. 

You might also want to promote this way on your landing page or your sales page, injecting paragraphs of personal anecdotes along the way to ensure the potential customer doesn't forget that there's a real human behind the business that they're purchasing from. 

by Andy Nov 2022

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