Add real-time purchase notifications to your website to increase sales

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Add real-time purchase notifications to your website to increase sales Image

Showing potential customers that other people are buying your products can help increase sales and conversion rates!

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We all want to know that other people are buying the products or services that we're looking at. Knowing this builds trust with the brand and is a comfort, knowing that other people are buying or have bought the same product that you're considering. 

An easy tactic that you should consider incorporating into your website, is real-time notifications - to notify potential customers when someone has bought something from you.

This notification doesn't have to be invasive; too many invasive notifications might make someone want to click away from your site. But a small notification along the bottom of the page is enough to grab a visitor's attention and make them aware that someone else has bought the product that they're looking at.

This real-time notification can easily help build trust and therefore increase conversion rates, especially if the potential customer isn't quite sure about the product or service yet. By seeing that someone else has recently bought it - as recently as that same five minutes - can help sway their decision. 

This super simple tactic can certainly make people more likely to buy from you as it shows them that other people around the world know and trust the brand and are buying from it. 

You can include the name and location of the person that's just bought your product on the notification for other customers, so they can also see the range geographically of people who are buying from you. 

The notification can be discreet and non-invasive, but have a great impact on sales and conversion rates for your business and products.  Give it a try today.

If you haven't got an account with a notification provider, we recommend Wiser Notify - as we use it ourselves on other websites.

by Andy Nov 2022

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