Optimize your landing page and checkout process to maximize conversions

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Optimize your landing page and checkout process to maximize conversions Image

Don't scare away potential customers with a landing page and checkout process that's too busy!

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Let's face it, humans haven't got a particularly strong attention span. With everything being online these days, that attention span wanes more and more as the years go on - with our attention being pulled every which way possible due to various apps, games, downloads and more.

So getting your customer's attention and keeping it long enough to ensure they go through with their purchase or download is vitally important. 

A simple way to do this is to optimize your landing page. But optimizing doesn't always mean adding things in.  Taking things out can make it simpler, cleaner and more beneficial for your visitor in helping to hold their attention.  You want to avoid them bouncing from your site too early.

Take a look at your landing page, to see whether it's optimized as it should be to avoid that happening.  If you have too much going on, you could be putting yourself at a disadvantage.

Too many images, links and information can pull your customer's attention away from what you want them to do.  You could be dividing their attention and therefore potentially causing them to exit your site before their purchase is complete.

How do you combat this?  Try removing most links and content from your landing page and your checkout process to increase conversion rates and make the process smoother and easier.

If their attention is solely on your CTA (Call To Action), then it's much less likely that they will get distracted and bounce. Give them a clear focus and a clear task - to complete their purchase. Bombarding them with many different links and content is only going to hurt your conversion rate.

by Andy Sep 2022

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