Add options for customers to contact you via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

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Give customers more options of contacting you, so they can get the help they need and you can make more sales!

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If your customer is shopping online, then chances are, they're computer savvy enough to have either a Facebook account or WhatsApp. It's likely that most people on your site have one of those two chat options, which is why you should offer those chat options to visitors and potential customers.

Giving customers the option of jumping on a Facebook chat or a WhatsApp chat, allows customers to be able to reach you in a variety of ways. 

It's vital to have an email address available for contact, but most emails only get replied to within 2-3 days. If your potential customer needs help more quickly and needs to talk to someone sooner, then these chat options are much better, as your customer will know they can get in touch with you more urgently. 

Giving customers these options also allows them to shop and chat with you if needed whilst not interrupting their current workflow. They can get on with whatever they're doing, whilst still having your chat box available.

Open rates on Facebook messenger and WhatsApp messages tend to be in the 90% range, which is very high. And this is good for both parties, you and the customer. The customer can see that you're reading their messages in a timely manner, and you can see if they've received and read your response and hopefully don't need any further assistance. 

Compared to the likes of an email, for which there's always the risk of getting lost among the many emails a business gets daily or perhaps going through to the junk folder instead.

Giving customers these various options for getting in touch with you will make you seem more approachable to them, as they know you're willing to be contacted in various different manners in order to help customers.

by Andy Nov 2022

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