Add images showing your product or service in use to make more sales

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Add images showing your product or service in use to make more sales Image

You can make more sales by showcasing your products in high-quality images with your customers already using them. This is a great visual tactic to prompt more sales.

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If you own a business, whether that's with physical products, digital products or a service-based business, imagery is incredibly important for the credibility of your business and helping to increase sales and product page conversions.

Humans are visual beings, and we like to know that what we're buying both works and is worth the money we're investing. When buying from an online business, this is even more important, as we're not going into a physical shop to see the quality for ourselves.

This is where product imagery comes in and why it's so important for ANY business to put some time and effort into the images they use to entice potential customers.

Generic product images are useful, but including high-quality images on your landing page, your website and your social media accounts of customers actually using your products can be much more beneficial.

If you sell physical products, you might want to ask your customers to post photos of themselves on their own social media accounts using the products and you can re-share these images to your followers. You can also ask their permission to use their images on your socials and website with credit - and even add a short testimonial along with the image itself. 

If it's a digital product or a service, then getting images of customers using the product might be a little harder but certainly not impossible. You can still ask your customers to take photos of them using the digital products and explain why and how it's benefited them in their lives.

Having this sort of visual confirmation for potential customers is a great tactic to help increase product page conversions and increase your overall sales. Instead of just explaining your product to visitors, show them with real-life examples of existing happy customers.

by Andy Sep 2022

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