Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) can turn site visitors into customers

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Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) can turn site visitors into customers Image

Use FOMO to help you gain leads, sales and customers in this easy tactic!

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FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a real phenomenon that can cause apprehension that you're missing out on or not involved with something fun or important. And did you know that you can use FOMO in your digital marketing strategy to help you gain more sign-ups, clients and customers? 

FOMO can be an incredibly strong driving point, to encourage your potential clients and customers to take action on your website. Being part of a new product release or being one of the first to hear new, exciting news from a brand you love is something we all want.

So using this to your advantage can be an incredibly effective tactic for generating sales or sign-ups on your website.

For new visitors to your site, this might look like you showing them what they're missing out on. You might show them images of other people using your products and sharing positive testimonials about how much they're enjoying a product.

You could also give them a peak into what benefits or perks they might gain when signing up to your mailing list; perhaps discounts or freebies, free shipping or exclusive insights.

To take the FOMO one step further, you might want to add a deadline into the mix. Adding a deadline is another great tactic for inspiring potential customers to take action and quickly! They won't want to miss out on the product, deal or exclusive access.

Using a simple tactic like FOMO doesn't require much effort on your part but can have an incredible impact on your sales and leads from your website. If you have a product that people want, then they won't want to miss out on it, and by adding deadlines and discounts, this will prompt them to take action.

by Andy Oct 2022

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