Put a CTA above the fold to get the most visitors to take action

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Put a CTA above the fold to get the most visitors to take action Image

Placing your CTA above the fold of your page is a super simple way to boost those conversion rates. Here's why!

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Did you know that up to 65% of your readers might not make it below the fold? That's a pretty high number right, considering the amount of potential leads, clients and customers that 65% could establish for you.

The fold is the area of a web page that is visible in the browser window without scrolling. It’s also called ‘above-the-fold’ and 'visible content'.  It originated back when newspapers were popular.  'Above the fold' meant the part of the newspaper that could be seen while the paper was sat on the shelves.  Obiously more people got to read the content there, than in the rest of the newspaper.


So how can we improve that ratio from readers to clients and prompt more visitors to take action through your website?

There's a simple solution to help you encourage your visitors to take action.

It's thought that the most important elements of your post should be visible above the fold. If around 65% of people don't make it BELOW the fold, then we need to give them the information they need in that short space above it, to ensure it gets seen. 

And a CTA (Call To Action) is one of those important elements that should be included above the fold. Readers will then see the CTA prompt right in front of them and are more likely to take action immediately. 

If there's not a CTA above the fold on your page, then it's time to change that to help optimize your site for your readers. But of course, not all CTA's above the fold will work the same and you may get more success with one format or layout than another.

This is why it's important to test out different colours, placements and sign forms over time and analyse which works best for your site. Give each test some time to establish whether it works before you move on to the next one. You might want to try:

- Different colour CTA buttons
- Different fonts
- A sign up form instead of a button
- Different wording

With more websites and businesses being established online every day, it's important that you have effective CTA's in place that will entice your visitors shortly after entering your site. A CTA is vital for that purpose and placing it above the fold will only help boost those conversion rates.

by Andy Aug 2022

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