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Copymatic is one of the most comprehensive artificial intelligence writing tools that we have tested

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Copymatic has a large number of artificial intelligence tools that you can use to create blog and website content, as well as social media posts, press releases, cold emails, e-commerce product descriptions and adverts.

It also features in-built sales methodologies to help you write your sales materials using these frameworks:

  • PAS - Pain, Agitate, Solution
  • AIDA - Attention, Interest, Desire, Action
  • QUEST - Qualify, Understand, Educate, Stimulate, Transition

Even if you are not familiar with using these models, the Copymatic tools will write content for you that follows the consumer decision-making processes in the sequence of stages or steps relevant to the particular model chosen by you.

Copymatic also has a great landing page creator, also powered by Artificial Intelligence!

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by Andy Sep 2022

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