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Better Uptime is a monitoring tool that allows you to keep tabs on your website at all times and be notified of any possible errors or downtime.

Our Review

Better Uptime notifies you if ever your website goes down - or breaks - and it does this by email, SMS, and even repeated telephone calls (if required).  For any downtime, you also get screenshots showing the problem.

You can integrate multiple services like AWS, Google Cloud, Prometheus, DataDog, and more.

• Multi Verification – Any error you’re alerted of is verified from at least 3 different locations

• Cron Job Monitoring – You can also track Cron jobs

Better Uptime provides a free monthly plan to familiarise yourself with the tool first and 3 other plans. They also provide a 60-day money-back guarantee.

NetOnTarget have used Better Uptime for several years, to monitor our own and our client's critical websites - and to be alerted to any downtime.  It is our tool of choice for website downtime monitoring.

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by Andy Sep 2022

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