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AppSumo is the #1 platform for lifetime deals on software, tools, templates and creative resources

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AppSumo offer lifetime deals on a huge range of new and established online/software tools and other assets that you may find useful in building, promoting and running your website.

Here at NetOnTarget, we have been a member since 2019 and have managed to buy into lifetime deals on some tools that are essential for running our business.

If you are wondering why a company would offer a lifetime deal instead of a monthly plan, it makes a lot of sense - as they can make a huge amount of sales through AppSumo's customer database (over 1.25 m and growing all the time).  This can bring them an influx of capital which they can use to expand their toolset (and therefore make more money from future customers).

Another compelling reason to use AppSumo for your software/tool purchases is that they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on everything!  This means you can try out any of the deals, and get a full refund if you decide it's not for you within the 60 days.

Before you commit to any regular monthly or annual payment for any web-based tools, make sure you check AppSumo first to see if they have a deal that you cannot miss!  Most of the time the companies behind the deals don't advertise them on their own website, as they prefer to charge you full price if they can.  Browse their latest deals here.

by Andy Sep 2022

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