Avoid Analysis paralysis by highlighting your most popular product or service

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Avoid Analysis paralysis by highlighting your most popular product or service Image

Too much choice can cause a customer to leave with nothing. Here's how to help prevent that.

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We've all been there. Scrolling through Netflix, wondering what to watch - and getting so overwhelmed with the amount of choice available that you don't end up watching anything at all!

Paralysis of choice is a real thing, and whilst we like to have some choice over the things we're watching, buying or using - getting initially bombarded with too much choice can, as it says on the tin, leave us feeling paralysed.

This is something that's worth considering in your business, especially if you do sell and offer a wide variety of products or services.

A new visitor or lead coming to your website might take one look at everything you have to offer and be instantly overwhelmed with the choices available. If they're not sure what product or service is right for them, then there's a chance they might leave with nothing.

When it comes to your landing page, help the potential customer by narrowing down their initial choices to avoid them experiencing paralysis of choice.

Choose your most popular product or service - or a specific recommendation of a service or product that you're particularly proud of or keen to sell - and feature that as the main product on your landing page. You can also list other recommendations below, so the visitor can continue to search if they wish.

This will help direct customers who might be struggling to make the best choice for their needs.

Offering too many choices initially can lead to potential customers over-analysing their choice or stop them from choosing entirely, because they simply don't know where to start.

This simple tactic of honing in on one or two specific products or services on your landing page will decrease the chance of a new customer being paralysed by choice and leaving your site without anything.

by Andy Oct 2022

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