Add an upsell to your confirmation page to increase average order value

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Add an upsell to your confirmation page to increase average order value Image

Adding an upsell to the success page of a sale can really help boost your revenue and profitability!

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Adding an upsell to your confirmation page is a great way to prompt existing customers or existing leads to invest in your products or services even further. 

If they've already purchased a product, signed up for a mailing list or given you their information, then it's safe to say their foot is already part of the way through the door. So let's get it all the way over the threshold. 

There are two ways to increase your orders by adding upsells to your confirmation page - and it depends on what the customer has signed up to do.

Example number 1: You've offered a free version of your product to customers

This is a great tactic for visitors and potential customers to get a sneak peek of what they can get from you, without them committing to the full price until they're sure. But of course, as the business owner, you WANT them to commit to the full price and product.

If they're interested in trying the free version of a product, then you can safely assume that they might be interested in the full version. So upon signing up to receive the free version, the upsell you could include on the success page for them is showing them additional features for the full paid-for version and offering it to them at a discount.

Example number 2: They've already placed a paid-for order with you

If they've already placed an order with you then that's great.  You already know they're interested. This is a great chance to offer them additional items on the success page of the checkout, again perhaps for a discounted price or a special offer, as a way of saying thank you.

The success page of any sale is a fantastic opportunity for you to make some extra revenue, so it's important to use that page to your advantage by offering customers upsells. Those who have already converted - whether that's from a purchase or even a free download - will be more willing to do so again.

by Andy Sep 2022

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