About NetOnTarget

NetOnTarget was started by me back in 2002. 

For a year or so prior to this, I had been busy launching my first ever website – www.clickevents.co.uk.

I learned the hard way that building a website was only the very beginning of it.

Once you had the physical website up and running, you then had to tweak your proposition until prospective customers found real value in what you were offering.

And when the website was working well, you then had to work out how to get it in front of more and more of the right people!

That’s where I got the idea for offering website design, development and promotion services to other businesses.  I had literally spent hundreds of hours trying different methods of marketing my website. Some worked really well, some not at all.

I decided to offer the benefit of my experience to other businesses that were venturing or expanding online – and this is what I have been doing since 2002 for a number of selected clients in a wide variety of industries.  I have also ‘kept my hand in’ over the years by starting and growing some six-figure web businesses of my own.

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